Kylie Symonds

Currently Corporate Account Manager within EPIC’s New & Emerging Business and Education Assist teams. With qualifications in Marketing, HR & Disability, I have extensive experience in corporate and non-profit organisations.

My professional expertise include Marketing, PR, Recruitment, Project Management, Training, Business Development, Customer Service and Corporate Account Management. I am committed to supporting suicide prevention and contributing to the improvement of social inclusion for people living with disability and mental illness and in the local and the broader community. In addition to my professional experiences, I was a Board Director with Lifeline Gippsland for 4 years before returning to Qld.

I have been helping businesses employ people with disabilities in various capacities within the Disability Employment Services for more than 10 years. Additionally, I share the lived experience of being a personal carer of a loved one with a mental illness.

Since joining EPIC, I have introduced Disability Awareness workshops for business wanting to increase their disability recruitment confidence, candidate attraction and access and inclusion for their customers with disabilities. Additionally, I have instigated a partnership with mh@work® to deliver Managing Mental Health in the workplace to business wanting to better understand and manage mental health issues in the workplace, suicide prevention, and self-care.

These workshops have progressed with emerging diversity and inclusion trends. I work with an amazing team of EPIC RTO trainers, EPIC Mental Health Consultants and people with the lived experience of disability who are equipped to deliver this and other diversity related accredited and non-accredited training programs within EPIC’s scope.